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I'm on hiatus! Scroll down to read about it.
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    So, here’s the deal: I will being going on hiatus from the 21st of August to the 21st of September. This hiatus will include Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.  After the 21st of September, I’ll be back online for two straight weeks, and then I’ll do this hiatus again. And then the two weeks again, and so on. This will probably last about six or seven months, maybe.

    The reason for this unseemly thing: I’ve very behind on everything, and I know for a fact it’s because of my social media. I have nine months to be in total physical shape, (don’t ask, it’s pretty personal) and if I were in public school, I’d have been set back many times by now. Like I said, I’m really behind. And it’s gotten to the point where I can barely last five minutes without checking all my stuff, which is bad. 
    Also, I’ve started high school now, which means everything’s really intense and I’m starting to have to figure what I want to be and all that crap. unfortunately all the well-paying jobs suck, (I’m not cut out to be a doctor or an engineer) so I have to make sure I’m really, really well versed in the field I’m aiming towards so I can have my own apartment and a car and not have to live with my parents until I’m married. So I really need to crack down if I want to be able to depend on my job (and myself) in the future. This is a lot of stress for a fifteen-year-old to have to deal with everyday, plus the stress of my stressful home life, so I need to eliminate other causes of stress to make some room up here. Anyway, that’s the deal.
    How I’m going to do this hiatus is I’m going to have my lovely sister change my passwords on all my social media websites and write the new ones down and keep them somewhere until next month. If she didn’t change the passwords, I’d be too tempted to get on them secretly. (I told my family about this so they’ll be able to help me out)
    Those who know me well are probably thinking: "well she does nothing but watch anime all day anyway and those websites don’t require a password so it won’t make a difference and if she gets off her social media she’ll just watch more anime" but I’ve made myself a rule that I can only watch anime while I’m walking on the treadmill. Cool rule, eh? We both win. XD
    Anywhoo, that’s that. ^0^

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  • Anonymous asked : WHY ARE YOU SINGLE


    because i didn’t forward that chain email letter in 2004

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  • "If we really want to love we must learn how to forgive. -Mother Teresa"
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